10 Game of Thrones Gifts For Fans

game of thrones gifts

10 Game of Thrones Gifts for Fans

This year I gave into years of pressure to start watching Game of Thrones. Over the course of 2 weeks, I began the most intense TV binge ever and caught up just in time to watch the last two episodes of Season 6 with the rest of the world. This was undoubtedly one of the best TV decisions I’ve ever made.

…but now here I am forced to wait for new episodes like everyone else as well.  To pass the time, I’ve compiled a list of our team’s favorite Game of Thrones gifts. Whether you’re a loyal member of Team Stark or committed to Daenerys and her mission to return to the Iron Throne, we’ve definitely got something to help you endure the long, cold winter before our favorite characters of Westeros resume their quest to defend and conquer the Seven Kingdoms.

Emilia Clarke Autographed Photo

Emilia Clarke autograph, game of thrones gifts

As far as GoT characters go, none are more central to the story than Daenerys. Grab this authentic autograph before the Mother of Dragons makes it to the Iron Throne and hang it up on your wall. If Daenerys isn’t your cup of tea, you can also find signed photos of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark or pretty much any one of your favorite Game of Thrones characters.

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Song of Ice and Fire Book Series by George R.R. Martin

Game of Thrones Book SetGame of Thrones Book Set

The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin are the books that Game of Thrones is based on. Now this is some serious reading, but diehard fans will appreciate all the extra goodies included in the books that don’t make the show.

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Game of Thrones Blu-ray Set (Seasons 1-5)

Game of Thrones Bluray, game of thrones giftsGame of Thrones Bluray

A gift perfect for your whole spectrum of fans. You can give that friend who hasn’t started watching a kick in the butt to start, or give your most intense of fans a reason to watch it as many times as they want. The Blu-ray set comes with tons of goodies, including deleted scenes, alternative footage, commentary and much more. I might actually get this for myself…

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“7 Iron Throne Replica

Replica Iron Throne, game of thrones gifts

At the center of all the war, sex, politics and chaos of GoT is the Iron Throne. The symbol of power over Westeros…also known as the most badass chair of all time. The detail on this small replica is meticulous. Grab it for yourself or a friend to make the ultimate paperweight or desk prop for any GoT fan.

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Monopoly: Game of Thrones Edition

Game of Thrones Monopoly, game of thrones gifts

Want a fun twist for a classic board game? Go ahead and grab Monopoly: Game of Thrones as a gift for a friend or yourself. Everything about the game is customized, from the game pieces (Direwolf, Three-eyed Raven, Dragon Egg, etc), to the properties. If Monopoly isn’t your thing, you can also check out The GoT version of Risk, Clue, or even the Game of Thrones Trivia Game.

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Ale Horn

ale horn, game of thrones gifts

Here’s a pretty fun Game of Thrones gift. Get prepared for Season 7 with an awesome vehicle for sipping on booze during all your GoT watching parties next year.

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Helm of Loras Tyrell

Loras Tyrell Helm, game of thrones giftsLoras Tyrell

Crafted from materials used on the set of the show, this replica helmet of the fallen Loras Tyrell would make an awesome showpiece for any Game of Thrones fan. There are only 1,000 of these made, and the level of detail is remarkable. Therefore, you need to get one.

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Longclaw (Jon Snow’s Sword)

Longclaw, game of thrones gifts

As far as Game of Thrones gifts go, could it get any more badass than the sword of Jon Snow? Nearly 4ft long, this replica sword is made from brushed stainless steel and has the signature dire-wolf head on the pommel. Don’t worry – it’s unsharpened so there’s no chance of hurting yourself.

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Tyrion Quote T-Shirt

This timeless line from Tyrion Lannister is probably one of the best quotes from the entire series. Why not put it on a shirt and grab one for your booze-forward friend.

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“Hand of the King” Bottle Opener

hand of the king, bottle opener, game of thrones gifts

You can’t have too many bottle openers.

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