4 Mothers Share Their Best Gifts for Mom

4 Mothers Share Their Best Gifts for Mom

There’s no doubt that moms are some of the most important people in the world. When an opportunity comes to get her a gift, you want to make sure it’s she’ll enjoy. You want the best gifts for mom. However, actually finding a great gift is always harder than it seems.

To help, we turned to experts in the subject matter – actual moms themselves! For this list, we asked prominent mom-bloggers for items that they would enjoy receiving most as gifts.  Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day or just because you love her, the following gifts for mom are bound to bring a smile to her face.

Best Gifts for Mom from Holly Matthews – iamhollymatthews.com

holly matthews

A bit about Holly: “I am a wife, a Mum, an actress, a creative and coach. I’m a chaotic burst of positivity, mixed with left wing politics, and realism. I follow a buddhist mentality (although not officially Buddhist). I like swearing, green tea and books. I’m opinionated and ambitious, loving and obsessed with eyebrows. I like to find beauty in the mundane, take pictures of everything, afternoon tea is my favourite thing ever and I’m always cold. Everything else you can Google.”

  • A certificate to go out for afternoon tea – “I’m English and I love tea. I also love cake and chatting, so this would be perfect.”
  • Funky Nike trainers – “As a Mum running around all day, everyday, good footwear is essential.” Buy Now
    Nike Air Max 1

  • A spa day, back massage and facial
  • Candles –“I love candles and I’m real not bothered wear they’re from, but big! Candles allow me to relax to calm and unwind and I never get bored of them.” Buy Now

“I’m aware this makes me sound about 70, but I’m very simple in what I like and gifts to me should be about an experience or have a reason behind them. Generic doesn’t cut it.”

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Best Gifts for Mom from Emily Graham – JustPlayingHouse.com

emily graham

A bit about Emily: “Full time mom of 3. I’m addicted to thrift store shopping, DIY projects, but most of all making memories with my kids. They drive me crazy most days, but I love my little family. Sarcasm and a sense of humor help me stay sane.”

  • Name Jewelry – “My mom bought me a ring for my birthday. It’s a stackable ring with each of my children’s names. She purchased it from Heidi J Hale Designs. Very affordable, and so cute. I wear mine daily. The turnaround time was a little lengthy, but it was so worth the wait.” Buy Now
    stacking name rings

  • Handwriting Jewelry – “There are so many Etsy sites that will take a sample of your child’s handwriting and turn it into a necklace or bracelet. It’s a great way to remember their handwriting, especially when they are little. The options are endless.” Buy Now

  • Hand/Foot Print Kit – “I have these adorable ceramic hand/foot prints for my older kids. They were done when they were young. Right now, they hang in each child’s bedroom next to their growth charts. I love looking at them because it’s a reminder of just how little they once were. There are kits out there (or DIY recipes) to make your own. Then have the kids paint them. Or you could find a local vendor, like a paint your own pottery place, to see if they could help you glaze it.” Buy Now

  • Personal Art Project – “There are so many adorable ideas on Pinterest. Hand/foot prints and turn them into something. My kids did a cute canvas that says “We Love You” and at the top they each did two fingerprints in the shape of a heart.”
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Best Gifts for Mom from Katie Wiederholt – aHouseWithCharacter.com

katie wiederholt

A bit about Katie: “My name is Katie. I live in a teeny, tiny town. I love to learn, travel, and explore. I’m a working mother, wife, voracious reader, dog lover and fan of houses with character.”

  • Kate Spade Initial Necklace – “This is simple and elegant. I would love to have one with my daughter’s initial. If you have more than one child it would be fun to layer the necklaces, or just wear your own initial.” Buy Now
    kate spade initial pendant

  • Sizzlin’ Six Cosmetic Set – “I enjoy trying new beauty products, but I do not enjoy the risk of purchasing something I end up throwing away. This Sizzlin’ Six set from Benefit Cosmetics features six of their most popular products. This is a gift I would be excited to receive.” Buy Now
  • Anthropologie Crowned Leaf Measuring Cups – “I love these quirky measuring cups and spoons from Anthropologie. Because I occasionally photograph my cooking and post it on my blog, I like to have cute cooking supplies. This fit the bill.” Buy Now
    anthropologie measuring cups

  • Well-Read Women by Samathan Hahn – “As a total book worm, I have considered ordering a copy for my coffee table for quite some time. The book features watercolor portraits of women from literature such as Anna Karenina, Daisy Buchanan, and Estella Havisham.” Buy Now
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 Best Gifts for Mom from McKenzie Austin – theErrantParent.com

Mckenzie Austin

A bit about McKenzie: “McKenzie is a mom who simultaneously works on working through parenthood, working through self fulfillment, and working through… well, work. The tattoo artist/soccer mom hybrid is constantly balancing her three perpetual states of existence (and blogging about them) with her husband, 11 year old stepson, toddler, and two corgis.”

  • A delicious, exotic coffee – “As a mom to a toddler, coffee is my lifeblood. And, as a mom to a toddler, I also rarely get to go out and try new, upscale culinary experiences. A small bag of a fun and interesting coffee that I’ve never tried before gives me the practical element of caffeine along with the thrill of enjoying a new experience.” Buy Now

  • A day of professional maid service – “Cleaning a house that a toddler dwells in is a lot like trying to sweep all the sand off a beach. While I can usually keep up with some day-to-day tasks, such as obvious de-cluttering, it’s hard to find the time to do anything thorough… (tops of the ceiling fans, anyone?).” Book Now
  • A gift for my kiddo – “I know, I know… it sounds strange. But honestly, as a mom, one of the greatest joys in my life is living vicariously through the joy of my son. If you really want to see me smile, make him smile. You know… as long as it’s not a giant toy that’s going to consume half my living room.” Buy Now
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