Holiday 2016: Gifts for your Girlfriend

gifts for your girlfriend

Holiday 2016: Gifts for your Girlfriend

The holidays have officially begun and the countdown has begun. You have a month to find your the perfect holiday gifts for your girlfriend, and we are here to help. Before we begin, review our key gift giving tips. Remember to start early, be resourceful, and pay attention to your recipient! The most important thing at the end of the day is to make the gift personal. Now without further ado, let’s dive into the gifts ideas!




We hype this company up a lot because of first hand experience; they make the softest underwear out there. Do her a favor and get your girlfriend the most comfortable wear for her behind. (Buy Now)

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket
Tommy Hilfiger offers some real classy and well-made coats that will keep your girlfriend warm. But if you want to go with something a bit more “hip”, give the denim jacket a try. The designs are classic and the fit is great. (Buy Now)

UGG Australia Women’s Ansley Suede Slipper

uggs slippers

UGG is known for their iconic boots, and it seems like everyone has them. Get your girlfriend something different and get her these slippers. They are the softest thing she’ll ever put around her feet and will be sure to love them. (Buy Now)

Nike Women’s Flyknit Running Shoes

Nike Flyknit Womens

For the active gals out there, Nike Free Flyknit shoes make awesome gifts. Super lightweight and breathable, these puppies will keep your girlfriend’s feet comfortable for miles and miles. (Buy Now)


Anne Klein Watch Set

anne klein watch set

This rose gold wrist watch set is refined, elegant and beautiful – just like your significant other. The price point also makes it a great buy, making it a perfect gift for your girlfriend. (Buy Now)

Komono Estelle

Komono Estelle

If you’re girlfriend isn’t a big fan of sparkly, we recommend taking a look at Komono watches. These make great gifts for your girlfriend. The styling is more casual, yet still very stylish. The design is much more fit for everyday wear. (Buy Now)

Fossil Q Wander

Fossil Q

If you’ve got a tech forward girlfriend, then take a look at the Fossil Q Smartwatch. Personally I’m not a huge fan of what the iWatches look like, and this is where the Fossil Q shines. It looks like a classy traditional watch, but has all the functionality of a smartwatch: notifications for text/email/calls, playing music, activity tracking, etc.  (Buy Now)


“You Are the Only One in My Heart” Necklace

Heart-shaped jewelry is always a safe bet. This one also doesn’t crush your wallet. (Buy Now)

Finejewelers 10k White Gold Polished Hinged Hoop Earrings

Every gal needs a solid pair of hoops earrings, making these a great gift for your girlfriend. These can be worn in both casual and fancier settings. They’re distinct enough to be noticed, but discreet enough to not be an overpowering fashion statement. (Buy Now)

SILVERAGE Sterling Silver Black Leather Wrap Bracelet

A nice statement piece that your girlfriend will be sure to appreciate. The leather gives off the daily casual vibe, and the silver adds in a splash of fanciness. (Buy Now)


Kate Spade Mulberry Street Leather Backpack

Kate Spade Mulberry Street Backpack

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces past and I’m homebound…”. Grab this sleek backpack for all those commuter girlfriends who are don’t want to lug a bag on one shoulder around all day. (Buy Now)

Anne Klein Handbags

Ann Klein handbags

Anne Klein is all about creating fashion for women that will change the world. Their handbags are clean cut trendy, and won’t break your bank. (Buy Now)

Tory Burch Sunglasses

Tory Burch Sunglasses

We may be heading into the depths of winter, but it’s never too early to dream about fun in the sun. Prep your girlfriend with this fashionable eyewear for next summer. (Buy Now)

Fun Items

Fuji Instax

Fuji Instax

Remember how fun Polaroid cameras were back in the day? Well instant film cameras are back and Fuji makes one of the best ones out there. Fun retro design + great picture quality = great gift for your girlfriend. (Buy Now)

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

A girl who reads is a keeper. With a Kindle, she can have thousands of her favorite books with her at all times. The battery lasts for weeks and there’s no glare on the screen. It’s be best e-reader out there. (Buy Now)

Beats by Dre Headphones

Beats by Dre

Upgrade your significant other’s headphones; those white Apple earbuds don’t cut it. Beats by Dre take your music and bring it to the next level. (Buy Now)

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