Last Second Holiday Gift Ideas

Last Second Holiday Gift Ideas

There’s less than a week left until Christmas and you haven’t gone gift shopping yet. Normally this would be reason to panic, but this year the Gift Monk is here to help save the day. We’ve put together a quick list of gift ideas for each person on your list that’ll be sure to leave a smile on their face and save you from wasting hours wondering what to buy.

 For the Techy Guy/Gal: Amazon Echo ($179.99)

The Echo is Amazon’s play in the digital assistant/connected home space. Voiced by Alexa (aka Amazon’s version Siri), the Echo can do a slew of tasks such as play music, control lights, get you traffic/weather info, and even buy things off of Amazon for you. Grab this sleek device for the techy geek in your life – you know, the one with the iWatch and smart TV that they talk to.

Buy the Amazon Echo

For the Trendy Fashionista: Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Harmony Shoulder Bag ($266.40+)

Apparently Kate Spade is a big deal these days and you’ve got that trendy friend who’s always dressed like she came straight out of a Nordstrom’s catalog. These bags are simple, classy, sturdy and definitely large enough for whatever she could think to store inside…makes for a great gift for that trendy lady-friend without totally breaking the bank.

Buy a Kate Spade Handbag

For the Child Prodigy: The Official Arduino Starter Kit ($149.99)

You know that one kid – the kid you tutor, a younger sibling, or even your own child – that knows how to operate your TV/iPad/laptop better than you do? The one who programmed a mobile app before they hit puberty? Well this is what you get that kid.

What’s an Arduino you ask? It’s what would pop out if Legos and your old TI-83plus calculator had a baby.  It’s a mini computer that you use program to do things in the real world. The kit comes with a guide with tons of different projects ready to go. Even if you don’t understand it, the child prodigy will figure it out and love you for it. And who knows…maybe you’ll help inspire the next Elon Musk.

Buy the Official Arduino Starter Kit

For the Parents: iPad Air 2 ($439.99)

The iPad Air 2 is fast, sleek, light enough to carry around, but also large enough so your parents won’t have trouble reading on it. What’s even better? Get them one of these and you’ve got another reason to Skype your parents more often! I actually just got my own not too long ago and I love the thing – don’t know how I ever survived with out it.

Buy the iPad Air 2

For the Person Who Suddenly Got Super into Fitness: Fitbit Charge HR ($99.89)

So your friend of many years decides to go on a fitness craze this year. Suddenly running 5Ks are all they do and hemp protein is now a staple in their diet. Encourage them further by getting them one of these little nifty devices! They count steps/calories burned, monitors sleeping patterns, and also connects to your smartphone so your recipient can now go join their office’s step counting competition.

Buy a Fitbit Charge

For the Home Chef: Wusthof 14-piece Knife Block Set ($249.95)

At some point his or her life, your friend made the smart decision to hone their abilities (to everyone’s delight) to create delicious cuisine. Reward them for their selfless act with a Wusthof knife set. Not all knife sets were created equal and a good knife set is an investment. Wusthof is one of the most trusted brands out there and are equivalent to the Toyota Camry of the knife world – they’re sharp, well-constructed (last long with good care), and very comfortable to hold.

Buy the Wusthof Knife Set




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