12 Worst Gifts Ever Given In 2015

worst gifts ever

Now that the holiday season has passed and everyone is back on the grind, it’s a great time to take a moment to look back, reflect and get a chuckle out of some of the gifting failures in the last few weeks. Our team scoured Twitter to dig up some of the not-so-great gifts that they’ve received this year. Take a read below and just be glad you weren’t them.

#1. Nothing kills joy faster than math

#2. And who is this supposed to be for?

#3. At least she has a sense of humor

#4. Couldn’t even get the name brand crappy gift

#5. The holiday environmentalist

#6. A little late there ma?

#7. I have trouble resisting the urge too

#8. Vitamin C anyone?

#9. o_O

#10. This one hurts.

#11. This is when you know you need new friends

#12. WARNING: Make sure you know how to correctly spell your loved ones’ names

If you have received a gift that you think was just absolutely terrible, tweet us your story @thegiftmonk with the hashtag #worstgiftever and we’ll get you mentioned in our next edition. You can also email us at [email protected].

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