The Gift Monk Reviews: Leonard & Church Essex

Leonard & Church Essex

Gift Monk’s Leonard & Church Essex Review: 4/5 stars

We’re going to deviate away from our usual gift suggestions and spend some time reviewing a new watch we got our hands on recently, the Leonard & Church Essex Mahogany.

Leonard & Church is a relatively new watch brand on the market. Based out of New York City, they are one of the many fashion companies in recent years to join the direct-to-consumer trend. They partner with manufacturers directly, skipping the middlemen and distributors, to bring their sleek watches to the masses. Worn by ex-president Obama himself, L&C pieces have grown in popularity due for the clean, slim looks and even slimmer price-tags.

Leonard & Church Essex Mahogany

What We Liked

  • The look: If you’ve read any of our gift suggestion lists, you’ll know that we’re big fans of minimalist design. The beauty of the Essex all starts with the dial; it’s simple and clean, yet bold. The mahogany and black color combination works very well here, giving it a versatile appearance that works in both classy and casual settings. At 42mm in diameter and just 7mm in thickness, it’s big enough to draw looks without looking gaudy.
  • Durable and Quality Materials:  For how affordable the watch is, Leonard & Church has really surprised us with how many quality materials they’re able to use. The lens is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, allowing it to stand up to everyday wear. The watch itself is water resistant up to 50 meters, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. When you flip the watch over,  you’ll find a reflective stainless steel backplate engraved with the Leonard & Church markings. At its core lies the reliable Japanese Miyota Quartz movement (Leonard & Church also uses Swiss Ronda movements in their other watches).
  • The Price: The watch only cost $95. There’s really nothing else more to say here. You can add a fashionable accessory to your watch rotation without feeling like you have to starve for a week. Oh…and did we also mention that they come with a 10-year warranty?

What Could’ve Been Better

  • Feel of the leather: We’ve had the watch for about three months and expected to have broken in the leather band by now. However, it’s still quite stiff, which makes it a bit difficult to put on/take off. Hopefully this improves as we continue to wear it.
  • The Crown: We’re getting really nit-picky here, but the crown feels like plastic. That said, this is completely understandable given the price point.

We’re big fans of what Leonard & Church are doing and are excited to see what they release in the future. The Leonard & Church Essex Mahogany embodies everything that L&C represents: classic, contemporary, and attractive timepieces at wallet-friendly prices. If you’re not trying to mortgage your future child’s education for a watch, then give it a look.


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